Ray Morrow Design has been creating unique landscape environments in Los Angeles and Orange Counties since 2001. Using a team of skilled artisans, masons, and builders, each project is a custom design-build venture from the ground up, filled with design nuances that haven’t been used in any other project. Supervision is key to ensuring that the design is never compromised by shortcuts or oversights; Ray is committed to being present on site during the construction of each project. At Ray Morrow Design, every project receives the utmost care and attention, regardless of size and budget.

Ray's Story

At his core, Ray Morrow is a passionate artist who has never been shy about pursuing his dreams. Self-taught from a young age, Ray began developing his unique style during his early years while drawing, with a focus on portraiture. His interest in antiques, heirloom jewelry, and fine clothing also began during his youth, which later led to him opening a private, vintage haberdashery. Ray is world-traveled and has spent more than a year living and working in Europe, which further informed his design sensibilities about timeless beauty.


I'm not reinventing the wheel, but I'm definitely changing the spokes. 

— Ray Morrow

Ray works from a place of passion, drawing on the tapestry of his existence for inspiration for his designs. He only pursues projects that he can be 100% passionate about, where creativity and beauty meet. Unlike many, Ray's work is not purely a monetary endeavor but an opportunity to pursue his craft. He finds fulfillment in finding a myriad of ways to use a palette of rich, organic materials. No matter the size of the project, be it a landscaping a large estate or a creating a single custom fountain, Ray feels honored to put his passionate focus to work for the client.